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About Dear San Fernando Valley

Dear San Fernando Valley is a student-led arts organization with a mission to encourage new social connections through community-based interactive public art works. as well as the promotion of the arts and social justice.


Our Story

Growing up in the Valley means being exposed to the multitude of cultures that make up our community. Although the San Fernando Valley is known to be diverse, its geographical vastness has given way to the lack of a unifying cultural identity. There's a tendency for us to stick in our comfort bubbles rather than venture out. This issue matters to our team because we find that there is a lack of connectivity within our valley, which is especially needed in times like these and to create a flourishing community environment. At the same time, the Valley is home to a wide range of art groups and organizations that can help us connect with one another through creative expression. We also have a passion for art have noticed the ways it can bring communities and cultures together in multiple ways, encouraging unity. By creating a multi-faceted art-driven campaign, we hope to help contribute in creating a cultural identity for our home, the San Fernando Valley.


Dear San Fernando Valley Team

 Meet the co-founders!

Hello San Fernando Valley! This is our team! We are a group of students who have a passion for art and for serving the community. If you would like to contact us please do through our email or Instagram!

Natalie Shtangrud

Art Director | Outreach Coordinator