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Check out Match Cut Movies's Film "Saving R Coffee House"

Dear San Fernando Valley,

One of our main beliefs as an organization is that art, in all of its forms, is valuable to the community culture and in promoting unity. That is why we are so excited to share with you a film made by Match Cut Movies. They are a student-led community organization, also based in the San Fernando Valley, dedicated to helping small businesses and to raising awareness about community issues.

As many of you may know, the pandemic has taken a toll not only on our mental and physical health, but has also devastatingly impacted small businesses. Match Cut Movies aims to highlight one of these beloved small local businesses: R Coffee House. In interviewing a co-founder of Match Cut Movies, Mahima Shyno (also a director and producer of the film), she explained that, “[They] wanted to make the film about R Coffee House in particular because of its important role as one of the staples in the community,” adding on that they also, “wanted to help it get more business in light COVID.” The other directors and producers are co-founders Nemsie Gonzalez and Xiomara Gonzalez.

For those who live in the Granada Hills area or attend GHCHS, you probably recognize the name or may have even dined there. Many community members and GHCHS students can attest to the friendly atmosphere, the delicious food & drinks, and the local charm of this cafe. This short film tells the story of R Coffee House, details its struggle during COVID-19, and displays a variety of heart-warming pictures and videos of the community enjoying the cafe.

Please support this film and Match Box Movies! Watch the film down below.

Link to the film:

To follow along with Match Cut Movies and their amazing work for the community, follow them on Instagram at @matchcutmovies and subscribe to their YouTube channel Match Cut Movies. To support R Coffee House, visit it at 17808 Chatsworth St, Granada Hills, CA 91344 and check out its Instagram at @r_coffeehouse_. Online to-go orders are also available during this time.


DSFV Team ☕️🤎


P.S. We would also like to thank everyone who responded to our recruitment application and would like to let those of you know that we will be in touch shortly. Also if you are still interested in joining our team, but have missed the deadline, you can still respond! If you have any questions you can reach up at or DM us on our Instagram @dearsfv.

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