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DSFV Update - What Have We Been Up To?

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Dear San Fernando Valley,

Hello fellow readers! It has been about 6 months since the DSFV blog has started and there have been a lot of projects we’ve been working on and projects in the works. We are so thankful for all the projects we’ve been able to collaborate on and the people we have met. Here’s a little recap of what we have been up to for the past few months.


Moveable Murals: April 19, 2021:

In April, our team decided to start working on moveable murals that can be placed anywhere in the San Fernando Valley. Since our ultimate goal has always been to bring about community connections in the San Fernando Valley through the use of art, we decided the moveable murals was the way to go since they can travel anywhere in the Valley and bring about community connections. Moveable murals are a common form of public art seen in Philadelphia. DSFV was inspired by these artists to create our own moveable mural so that we may be able to spread art around the valley too. We initially drafted ideas for our designs at the end of March with the goal of creating artwork that represented unity. Our team is currently still working on finalizing our designs but we hope to officially present them to you in the near future.


11:11 A Creative Collective: May 17, 2021

These past few months we have also been working with an amazing organization called 11:11 A Creative Collective run by two inspirational women, Addy Renteria and Erin Stone. We have had the opportunity to not only talk with them on a Zoom call but also help out on a community mural on Councilmember Bob Blumenfield’s office led by artist Miles Lewis. We had such a fun time painting with fellow community members and seeing the picture come to life on a wall. The mural is called Oak Tenders and it was painted to promote native ecology. If you happen to be near the West Valley Regional Branch Library, you should stop by and see the mural too since it’s right next to the library! Also support 11:11 by following their Instagram @1111_acc.


Colored Minds Community Fridge: June 24-26, 2021

Late last month, we worked with Colored Minds, which is an amazing non-profit community-based organization, to paint a community fridge and some food cabinets at the Van Nuys Day Labor Center where they provide hot meals and other resources to the community. You can follow their Instagram @vannuys_workercenter.

For some more information about Colored Minds, this is the organization's mission statement/bio on!

“Colored Minds, Inc. is a nonprofit community-based organization. Our mission is to empower marginalized people and underserved communities to become proactive—not reactive—towards systemic inequalities. We bring awareness to the systemic inequalities that impact our community members, and we frame them as barriers placed by an inherently racist, classist, sexist system upheld by white supremacy. Then, we provide individuals with real opportunities to challenge these barriers, so they begin to see themselves as victors, not victims. We organize for justice and the liberation of marginalized people through our programs, mutual aid, and calls to action. We promote Black and brown unity, ending white supremacy, queer-affirming spaces, and compassion for unhoused people. Our motto: Educate. Liberate. Demonstrate.”

Support this organization through the resources linked through their linktree and by following their Instagram @coloredmindsinc!


Utility Boxes: Months of July - October

Currently, we are mainly working on gathering designs for utility boxes and scouting as many as possible for review, specifically in Los Angeles' Council District 12 under Councilmember John Lee! We would like to help beautify and add an artistic culture to the community by painting these boxes found on the sidewalks of our streets. If you would like to help us, please contact us at for more information!


Thank you for reading this article! If you have not done so already, please contribute to our project by writing a letter to us which can be found under the “Submit Here!” tab of our website. 💌


DSFV Team :)

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