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DSFV Updates! (Join Our Team!)

Dear San Fernando Valley,

There are exciting things coming to our project! We apologize for the recent hiatus in blog posts as things have been a bit busy at DSFV headquarters.


Our main announcement is that we are opening applications for all those who are interested in joining our project! Volunteer hours will be available and no prior experience is needed. Please fill out this form if you are interested! (P.S. You could also become an editor for this blog!) More information will be provided in the form below.

Click this link if the embedded form does not appear for you:

Another announcement is that we are anticipating the opening of our creative writing competition within the coming months! Also be sure to keep a lookout for that under our "Creative Writing" section of the website and email us at if you would like further details or if you are interested in participating. The details of this event are currently being worked out, but we are excited to bring this to you!

The next announcement is that we are also working to create a community playlist for the San Fernando Valley! We are planning on getting song recommendations through our website and Instagram soon! This playlist will be available on Spotify, but we will post a list of the songs on this blog once it is complete. 🎶

The last announcement for now is that we would like to collect more letters from the community to contribute to our public art installations! Please, if you have not already (or want to submit again), fill out our Google Form for Letter Submissions under the corresponding section of our website. The link is also posted on our home page. We would really appreciate your participation in our project.


That's everything for now! Blog posts will be resuming soon within the next month so please keep a lookout for those! Our team would really love it if you spread the word of our project throughout the San Fernando Valley by sharing our Instagram @dearsfv or the link to our website! Thank you for reading as always.



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