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Happy Saint Patrick's Day! (and Irish Heritage Month)

Dear San Fernando Valley,

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day and Happy Irish Heritage Month! Although this month also marks the “anniversary” of the quarantine, we are wishing that you have some luck coming your way, even if you don’t find a four-leaf clover. Here is a way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day socially-distanced!


Would you like to listen to some local Irish Contemporary artists on St. Patrick's Day? Check out the CIACLA St. Patricks Day Program! CIACLA (Contemporary Irish Arts Center Los Angeles) is a non-profit arts organization with a mission to help promote Contemporary Irish Culture in the city of Los Angeles. CIACLA works to sponsor Irish artists in the Los Angeles area from a variety of artist backgrounds: visual arts, film, theatre, music, and literature. They offer a variety of showcases that feature talented artists, some of which are available digitally through the pandemic. Currently, their showcase Between You and Me, “focuses on bringing our community together online through this difficult COVID-19 pandemic and connecting with new audiences through innovative creative digital platforms.” The showcase features over 100 Irish artists and aims to bring the community together through the pandemic while displaying Contemporary Irish Culture. The organization also celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day by celebrating Irish-American artists within the community through various events which can be found on their website and social media.

Here’s a link to the website:

This is their Instagram account:


The CIACLA has several different Irish contemporary artists in their week long celebration of St. Patrick's Day, several of which are local Angelenos. One of the featured artists included in the line up includes Eamonn McCrystal, a multi-Emmy Award winning, Irish pop tenor, TV host and producer based in Los Angeles, California. Eamonn Crystal, originally born in Northern Ireland, learned how to play the piano and the flute from an early age and considered joining the priesthood. Had he considered going down this path, we may never have the multi-Emmy artist we know today. Though Eamonn originally considered a path of teaching, his career path changed to one in Media. At the age of 13, McCrystal released his first album After the Storm at the age of 13,. Eamonn continued on with his music career in Los Angeles when he was given a slot to be a guest artist on the Randy Travis Tour and signed a contract with the Elizabeth Travis Management. From this point forward, Eamonn McCrystal continued his path of music and media, such as tv producing, hosting, and radio, in Los Angeles. McCrystal’s latest single was released in 2020 is called “Love Will Wait.”

Find him on Twitter: @EamonnMcCrystal

Learn more about McCrystal through his website:

Watch McCrystal on PBS here:

Here's "Under Your Wings" by Eamonn McCrystal as well:


We hope you enjoyed reading this article, and the DSFV Team wishes you once again a Happy Saint Patrick's Day! If you have not already, please consider contributing to our project by writing a letter to us through the "Submit Here!" page on our website. If you are a local artist, please reach out to us through our email or social media under our "Contact" page. We would really love to hear from you.


DSFV Team 🍀

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