• Dear San Fernando Valley

Hope Amidst Hopelessness

Dear San Fernando Valley,

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our project so far! Our team is incredibly grateful for all of the thoughtful and encouraging responses we've received through your letters. Our first round of letter collection has officially come to an end, but it's still not too late to contribute to our project! Our Submission Form is still open to receive your letters!

As you may or may not have noticed, we have began the process of uploading your letters! If you haven't already, go check them out in our "Favorite Letters" section! (low-key all of them are our favorite, but we personally all love the banana bread recipe)

As we've been reading through all of the letters, we've noticed some common themes. There's common feelings of loneliness, anxiety, boredom, and sadness, and we feel with you San Fernando Valley. We hope that by being able to read some of the letters, you guys will be able to connect with each other and feel as if you are not going through this alone. I'm sure you've all heard or seen, "We're in this together," or "You're not alone," in response to the pandemic. I'm sure most of you are able to believe this as well. However, there is often a disconnect from knowing and feeling when it comes to believing something is true. Our team hopes that through this project, you not only know that you are not alone, but actually be able to feel that you are not alone.

On a brighter note, we've also noticed some positive common themes. There's feelings of hope, faith in a better future, gratefulness, and love for one another. Amidst the backdrop of the pandemic, a lot of us were also able to find the good as well. Some of us note that we have more time to spend with family, more time to pursue things that we've always wanted to do, and take a needed detox from the world. However, we know that this is not the case for everyone, and being told to look at the "bright side" of things can seem insensitive and irritating. But we wish you the very best, and we hope that you know that there's always a reason to hope.

Our team has recently been inspired by this quote by FDR who simply addressed a nation afflicted by the Great Depression:

“We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

We hope you are inspired and uplifted by this quote too.


Dear San Fernando Valley Team

P.S. Before you go, here are some announcements and updates! We are planning to start on posting on this blog every Monday so stay in tuned to read more posts like this! As stated before, we are also in the process of uploading your letters on the blog, so make sure to go check those out! We are also in the lookouts for community artists to feature here and on our Instagram, so if you are an artist/artistic group that is interested, please reach out to us at dearsfv@gmail,com or DM us on our IG @dearsfv. Thanks :)

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