Letter Guidelines

Thank you so much for your willingness to submit your letter to be a part of SFV history! In order to be featured in this public artwork, please keep these guidelines in mind when writing your letter.

Members of the San Fernando Valley come from all backgrounds and our goal is to make our interactive artwork inclusive, safe for everyone to participate, and to display publicly. To that end, we’ve introduced some rules and guidelines regarding letter submissions which must be followed.


1. On the letter, please include ONLY your initials. (ex. John Smith would be "J.S.") But you may provide your full name on the Google Form.

2. Feel free to write in any language that feels most comfortable to you!

3. Feel free to include drawings (you can have digital drawings if you choose to submit through the Google Form).

4. You may include your age and grade if you are comfortable with doing so.

5. You may include the general area/city you are from in your letter, however please refrain from revealing exact home addresses.

6. Please keep the letter under 1 page.


1. Please avoid the use of inappropriate language in your letter. We would prefer for you to express your feelings without the use of profanity for the sake of younger audiences and families who may be viewing your letters. 

2. Avoid stories that may seem too graphic or explicit for younger audiences. Letters will be reviewed and may be asked to be revised in order to be community friendly. 

3. Refrain from promoting violence, nudity, illegal drugs, deviant behavior, or an illegal activity in your letter.

4. Discrimination against a specific group based on ethnicity, national origin, age, disability religion, gender, or sexual orientation is strictly forbidden. Your letter will not be used in our art installation. 


Feeling Stuck?

Here are some things you can write about (but of course are not limited to).


1. Introduce yourself! You can include your age, general location in the SFV, initials of your name, interesting facts, etc.

2. Tell us about what you've been up to during quarantine and what's been on your mind (hobbies, interests, coping mechanisms, things you miss, things you want to do, how you grew, etc.).

3. Write about something that is important to you.

4. Write about something you love about the San Fernando Valley or why you love living here (if you do).

5. Tell us about the first thing you will do once quarantine is over.

6. We would love to know what your passions are and what activities and clubs you are a part of.

7. Tell us about your favorite music (favorite artists, albums, songs, lyrics).

8. Write about your favorite sports, instruments, TV shows, movies, foods (feel free to include recipes that you tried or loved during quarantine!).

9. Tell us about your favorite place to eat in the SFV, favorite place to go to, or do!

10. Write about your greatest accomplishments, dreams, or goals.

11. Let us know your New Year's Resolutions for 2021! Or what you hope for the year.

12. Write about the people you love (please don't use full names, unless they are your pet or beloved plant).

13. Tell us about an experience or person that has shaped you, inspired you, or changed you.

Need more inspiration? Check out our weekly themes on our website and Instagram (to be posted soon!).

Our goals is to foster a positive community, please keep our goal in mind while writing your letter. We encourage you to be honest and vulnerable in these letters, but please keep in mind the feelings and emotions of others around you as well! Basically we ask you to please be respectful and courteous. Thank you so much again for being a part of our project and we can't wait to read you letters! Keep an eye out on our "Favorite Letters" page as yours may be featured!

Please contact us though our email or Instagram if you have any questions or concerns.